Sports: Ronaldo and Lionel Messi World Were no Competitor Exist

Reasons the two are being considered best in history of modern football.

The two rivals dominating the FIFA world for 10 years, messi taking the lead with his five FIFA balloon d or award.

Rumors have been going all round the globe, making great speeches on the duo..

First statement was made to rionel messi by his teenage coach. Andrian coria (Newell's old boy club) is home town  Rosario.

Andrian coria ....

When you saw him you would think: this kid can't
play ball. He's a dwarf, he's too fragile, too small.
But immediately you'd realise that he was born
different, that he was a phenomenon and that he
was going to be something impressive.

Pele's statement on Rinaldo..

"I admire him [Ronaldo], if I had to set up a national
team he would be my first pick.
In an interview with sportmail.

In a debate at Oxford Union in October 2013, when FIFA president was ask to choose between the duo.

Instead he made mockery statement on Madrid Best.

One of them has more expenses for the hair dresser than the other.

Madrid demanded to receive a full apology, the Madrid international issued his restort mimicry-gesture of gratitude after scoring a penalty versus sevila, after Blatter had depict him as a commander on the pitch..

Both having their way on the pitch.

Rinaldo was interviewed concerning the comparison.

Ronaldo :

It's part of my life now, people are bound to compare us, he tries to do his best for his club and for his national team, as I do,
And there is a degree of rivalry with both of us trying to do the best for team we represent.

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